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Almost Summer

I wasn’t quite sure how or when to close out the I’ll Go First series, but I think this’ll do. Thank you for reading along and for the support you have shown to all of the incredible and strong and powerful women who bravely shared. Our deep hope is that courage is found in you to take someone to coffee or on a walk and share stories. We pray that as you connect with others, face-to-face, that the fruit of forgiveness and empathy and mercy would grow to restore the broken places in our souls and in our communities, building understanding and love where there is darkness. Only light can break through the darkness. 


A few exciting this on the docket as summer approaches:


It’s almost summer and you will find me in water every day. It also means that Izzy is almost done with Kindergarten and will begin to prep for FIRST GRADE. I’ll probably say this with each and every upcoming school year, but first grade is like real elementary school. It’s more math and reading and data collection. The homework packet is slightly thicker and the projects a bit more focused. Also, brace yourselves, Abby will start TK (transitional kindergarten- because California is a silly state) in August. I will have 2 children in school full time and I cannot even handle the thought of ONLY HAVING ONE CHILD AT HOME.


I’ve also been dreaming up a new series with wild interviews and stories and adventures. I have no idea what to label the next series and would covet your help. What are your thoughts? Comment ideas below.


It’s the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY for Lemons In My Coffee. Which means I’ll be giving away a few of my favorites from the last year. Make sure you’re following me here or on Instagram (em_turner) for the details of that. I’m hoping to get it started next week.


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