When my mom first told us she was leaving the dental field to go back to school, I thought her mid-life crisis was surely upon us. Her job was secure and our teeth were straight. Being a college student myself at the time, I couldn’t understand what would have possibly prompted this choice to go back, but within a few months, she quit her job, and moved from the Bay Area to began her equestrian studies at Texas A&M. How did Dad approve of all this? It seemed ludicrous. How long would she be gone? What now? How was she going to find a job or get paid to work with horses in Silicon Valley? It didn’t make sense to me.

“What about baseball?” It was the one question that changed Tim Tebow’s professional career. Sitting at a conference table, lined with agents and trusted family, Tebow stunned everyone with his option to move away from the NFL. Opposing opinions flew through the room at him, accompanied by insults and doubt. In his latest book, This Is The Day, Tebow writes that one such insulting suggestion was that a baseball career could work for him if it were a part of some reality TV show. Ouch!

Committed to the pursuit of his desire to play baseball, Tebow continued to pray for guidance and opportunities to minister in this field. Late in the summer of 2016, it was time to showcase his talent to agents, media and coaches. Lifelong supporter and father, Robert Tebow II, stood alongside Tim, quoting scripture and encouragement. After talking with multiple MLB General Managers, Tebow signed a minor league contract with the New York Mets in September of 2016, joking “there’s no glamour here”, having moved down the ladder to the Minors.

“What if I take my passion for horses and special needs children, and create a job for myself?” We didn’t see it, but she did. I didn’t have to understand it. My comprehension of her dream was not a requirement for it to play out. Mom saw the life, the dream, the pursuit of her passions falling align in a unique ministry God was providing. For over 10 years now, my mom has worked with hundreds of special needs families and war veterans to aid in their rehabilitation using equestrian therapy. There is not one seed of regret, but evidence of joy instead. Every time we visit, we hear more stories of victory. We see families united in the movement of healing. And it was because she dared to engage. To step into the arena of faith and give it her all. 

The agents didn’t see it. The media made jokes of it. But Tim saw it. He knew the beat of baseball, for it was instilled in him from a young age. “When you believe whose you are in Jesus and strive to thrive in your environment, you are in a way thanking Him for creating you, for being the perfect author of your faith and your life”. Throughout these chapters, Tebow expresses his ultimate desire to love God while loving others. Whether it’s through athletics, parenting, accounting, or being a neighbor, he encourages us to find our joy and purpose, first and foremost as children of God.

Are you doubting yourself today? Doubting your purpose or wondering how to even engage in your own arenas? Are you walking in the wide open space of searching for joy? Is it fear? Slam it down. Is it doubt? Punch it in the face and step over it. You’re too good to give into that.


Book Recommendation: Tim Tebow’s “This Is The Day”
*Revised from what I had previously written for Top Christian Books (topchristianbooks.online ) but they have since taken their site down as they work on a different project.*

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