Hi! I’m a Northern California native, living small with my husband, children and yellow lab, in a similarly small town. For the last few years, I worked on the ‘Love and Vows’ blog, but it was time to move along and build ‘Lemons in my Coffee’. My husband is a master metal fabricator and the creative genius behind Maker Metals. Our three children are wild, blue-eyed creatures of habit, sass and creativity. Our life is simple, lived mostly outside or at the dining table. And my writing is to connect. For me, connection is everything. I see life much like a Color-With-Water coloring book. Every story, lived well or with absurdities, blunders and joys, connects. Lemons and coffee are two of my favorite things. Ever. But they’re bitter. They don’t go well together. I like the idea that if they did, it would be perfection. That’s often how I see life and nature and friendship and marriage and parenting and all the things. If life could work and balance with everything that is good; if the sour and bitter in life only elevated that goodness, glory. That’s been my prayer and my hope- that God creates His goodness and pureness through the bitterness and imbalance of my life. That’s been my truth and, now, I get to write about it.