The “A” Words

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to say my book without simultaneously wanting to pee my pants. In the last ten days, this book and the stories within went from a handful of eyes and ears and notebooks, to the world of publishing. Available for all eyes to see. It is nothing short… Read More The “A” Words



Oh friends. Hello. Happy New Year. Happy Valentines Day and Happy Almost Saturday. What else have I missed? Your birthday? Anniversary maybe? Well, happy to all of those too. I’m adding this photo as proof of life. We tried our hand, or feet really, at roller skating and it was a success! Hooray. My word.… Read More Rivers


It’s That Simple

Oh Dear Lord. Show me a miracle. Life, man. This year started with an ALS diagnosis for my grandpa and wrapped up with a dear one’s surgery to remove cancer. Between the months, these words have been muttered over and over and over thousands of times – Oh Dear Lord, show me a miracle. Have… Read More It’s That Simple



When my mom first told us she was leaving the dental field to go back to school, I thought her mid-life crisis was surely upon us. Her job was secure and our teeth were straight. Being a college student myself at the time, I couldn’t understand what would have possibly prompted this choice to go… Read More Engage


We’ll Be Okay

I don’t often wake up in the 5:00’s, but when I do it’s to hold a bucket for a sick kid or meet a friend. I prefer the latter. For over a year now, gosh, maybe 2 years (Lord, where is my memory?), I set my alarm twice on Wednesday night and by 5:40 on… Read More We’ll Be Okay

Motherhood, Truth

A Reminder of Worth

I had to catch myself. Our oldest daughter was in her last weeks of Kindergarten and, side note, I was notably impressed with the durability of that light blue folder she brought to and from school every day. How did it not disintegrate into 2,746 pieces from the rain and applesauce spills over the year?… Read More A Reminder of Worth