We’ll Be Okay

I don’t often wake up in the 5:00’s, but when I do it’s to hold a bucket for a sick kid or meet a friend. I prefer the latter. For over a year now, gosh, maybe 2 years (Lord, where is my memory?), I set my alarm twice on Wednesday night and by 5:40 on… Read More We’ll Be Okay

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A Reminder of Worth

I had to catch myself. Our oldest daughter was in her last weeks of Kindergarten and, side note, I was notably impressed with the durability of that light blue folder she brought to and from school every day. How did it not disintegrate into 2,746 pieces from the rain and applesauce spills over the year?… Read More A Reminder of Worth


Beginning the Conversation

I was prepared for early morning schedules and packing her lunchbox everyday. I was prepared for Friday homeschooling and the onslaught of school fundraisers. I was even somewhat emotionally prepared to have a full-time Kindergartener. But I wasn’t prepared for lice. It’s been far enough out now that I can laugh and have a mildly… Read More Beginning the Conversation

Motherhood, Truth

Some Scrappy Audacity

I’ve been mulling in the unknown. There have been hundreds of questions with little direction. It’s exciting and intimidating. It’s both broad and narrow. I’m writing a book. I feel like I’ve been writing the same book since high school with 23 versions. Sitting at our dining table now, I think back to one of… Read More Some Scrappy Audacity

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Almost Summer

I wasn’t quite sure how or when to close out the I’ll Go First series, but I think this’ll do. Thank you for reading along and for the support you have shown to all of the incredible and strong and powerful women who bravely shared. Our deep hope is that courage is found in you… Read More Almost Summer